Hub is online storage for images edited in PicMonkey. Everything you work on in PicMonkey is automatically saved to your Hub. This enables you to continue editing at another time or location. 

Accessing Hub from the homepage

'Recent projects' on the homepage provides quick access to images most recently worked on. Just click on one to load it into the editor. 

Opening Hub from the homepage

If your looking for something other than your most recent works, select the "See all images in Hub" link 

Copy vs original 

Autosave can be your best friend if the power goes out. If you are coming from previous versions of PicMonkey it's important to keep in mind that rather than Hub not updating until you decide to save, Auto-Save happens as you work, just as if you clicked Save after performing any action. If you want to keep a copy of your file as it is, choose to Edit a Copy instead of the original. 

Accessing Hub from the Editor

Editor is highlighted at the top of the screen when you are working on an image in the editor. 

You can pivot to a view of Hub (or the Template picker) by clicking either of those options. 

Once in Hub, you first select an image, then click either Edit or Edit a Copy to open it in the editor

Please note, opening an image will close the current document loaded in the editor. 

To add an image to the current project, see Working with Graphics.