Use "Export" to download images from the Editor or your Hub, to your computer. 

Looking for your exported / downloaded images? See: Choosing where downloads go

Getting to Export from the Editor

The Export button can be found at top of the editor. 

Getting to Export from Hub

To go directly to Export from Hub, select a single image, then select the Export button in the bottom right. 

Exporting your image

Exporting a PNG

  • If your image has a transparent background, choose .png as the file type. JPG will color any transparent areas white.
  • PNG is a good option if you plan on printing and need to preserve image quality.
  • If you have fine text PNG will likely give you better results. 
  • Why not always use PNG? Answer: The files are much larger and take longer to share / download. 

Exporting a JPG

  • JPG is great for sharing images, as it keeps the file size relatively small. 
  • JPG gives you additional control over the tradeoff between image quality and file size. =

Quality buttons

  • When .jpg is selected, you will see "Quality" options. This is how much JPG compression you'll apply to your image. 
  • The lower the quality, the smaller the file and more information about the image that is thrown away in the effort to get the file small. 


You can reduce or increate the resolution of your image before you export. This is handy if you want to edit on a large image, but then export a smaller version for a social post. You can increase or decrease the size by either pixels (px) or percentage (%).

Export to Computer

This button initiates the download of the file to your computer. The arrow to the right of the button gives you additional destination options. 

When downloading files, where they are saved is dictated by your browser settings. For security reasons, websites cannot change this on your behalf. By default, files are downloaded to a "Downloads" folder. You can set your browser to prompt you to pick a location each time. 

For help with that see, "Choosing where downloads ares saved".