The two individual subscription levels have different capabilities in Hub. 

  • Pro subscribers: can download files as PNG, JPG, or PDF. They can upload their own fonts. 
  • Basic subscribers: can download files as PNG or JPG only.

Read more about PicMonkey subscription types.

Downgrading from Pro to Basic

If you downgrade your subscription from Pro to Basic:

  • You will lose access to your fonts that you uploaded to the text tool, and will longer be able to upload custom fonts. 
  • You will be unable to export images as PDF.
  • If you've created or shared a Shared Space(s) in Hub, you will still have access. 

Canceling a Basic or Pro subscription

If you cancel your PicMonkey subscription:

  • You will still have access to your images in Hub, however you will no longer be able to download, export, or share them. 
  • If you've created Shared Spaces, you will still have access to them but you will be limited to inviting five admins and/or contributors maximum to your Space. 

For more information on changing your PicMonkey account, see the Managing Subscriptions section of Help.