The top navigation items take you all around the PicMonkey platform: from the Editor to account settings to Hub to the Resource Center

From left to right the top navigation is as follows:

  • PicMonkey logo: Takes you back to the homepage.
  • Create New button: Opens the “Edit an image from…” chooser. 

  • HUB: Opens Hub where all your files are stored into Private or Shared Spaces. 
  • EDITOR: Opens the Editor where you work on your projects.
  • TEMPLATES: Opens the design templates picker.
  • LEARN: Opens the PicMonkey Resource Center with tutorials, designs ideas, & tips. 
  • [YOURNAME] Drop-down: Access your account, the referral program, and help.
  • Notifications Bell: See comments from your shared work or messages from PicMonkey.
  • Give Feedback Face: Let us know your thoughts or suggestions for improvement.