The Layers palette shows all the elements you’ve added to your project. The layer on the top of the palette is the element on top of your design (Shapeless Blobs in this example). The layer on the bottom (the layer, “Blank Background” above) is always the bottom. 

To launch/open the Layers palette so it appears on your canvas, click the stack of three squares icon at the lower left of the Editor. Click it again to make it go away, or click the X in the upper right corner of the palette. 

Reordering, flattening, deleting layers

To reorder your layers, just click and drag a layers up or down to move it forward or backward on your canvas. You can also use the arrows at the top of the palette. Click the stack of the squares icon ON the Layers palette to flatten all the layers. Click the trash can icon to delete one or more selected layers (or select the layer and hit “delete” on your keyboard). 

Grouping and ungrouping layers

To group (or flatten two or more layers into a single layer), select the layers you want to join together by right clicking + selecting layers, or by CMD + Click (Mac) or CTRL + Click (PC) and selecting multiple layers. Click "Group" on the Graphics palette—which becomes the Multiple Layers palette with 2 or more layers selected. When you group together layers, the Graphics palette becomes the Group palette. You can ungroup your layers by selecting "Ungroup". 

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