The top left tab in the PicMonkey Editor launches three types of editing sections: Canvas, Basic, and Advanced. This help article will look at the first: Canvas Edits.

Canvas Edits:

This section makes edits to your whole canvas like changing the shape, size, orientation and background. 


Crop changes the Change the composition of your photo in 1 of 3 ways:

  • Choose a preset size from the drop-down proportions menu. 

  • Enter the exact Width and Height you desire. 

  • Use the corner handles to drag the bounding box into your desired size. 


  • To change the size of your image, enter the new pixel dimensions into the text boxes.

  • The box on the left controls width and the box on the right controls height.

  • Checking the Keep proportions box will keep the aspect ratio of your canvas the same, 


  • Rotate your photo 90 degrees to the left by clicking the Rotate left button.

  • Rotate your photo 90 degrees to the right by clicking the Rotate right button.

  • Flip your photo along its horizontal axis by clicking the Horizontal flip button.

  • Flip your photo along its vertical axis by clicking the Vertical flip button.

  • You can also drag the Straighten slider to turn your photo by tenths of degrees.

  • To lock in your changes, click Apply.

Background Color

Background Color allows you to change the color of your background when you are creating a design. Use the color picker to find a color that you like, or if you already have a color in mind, you can type the Hex Code into the box above the color picker. 

  • Before using this tool, ensure you have selected the layer you want to apply the color to.

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