Simply put: we're changing the way the site works. We used to offer bits and pieces of our tools for free, and other features were only available with a paid subscription. Now, you can try all of our features without a subscription, but you'll need one (or a free 7-day trial) to download or share your creations. See: Can I use PicMonkey for free?

We understand this change can be frustrating, but we also want visitors to PicMonkey to be able to explore every nook and cranny of our photo editing and design tools without being prompted for payment every time they click a paid feature. Note that you can use the PicMonkey mobile app for free. 

PicMonkey subscriptions fuel the future of PicMonkey and allow us to continually add new features and assets, making paid subscriptions more valuable all the time. Visit the What's New page to see all the cool new stuff we've been adding.