You can upload (import) your own photos into PicMonkey to edit. There are a few different ways to get your pics into PicMonkey. 

1. Add via the Create New button (1 image @ a time)

  • Click Create New at the top of the editor.
  • Select the source of the photos you'd like to import. 
    • Computer: for photos that are saved on your computer's hard drive. 
    • Blank canvas: to start a new project from one of PicMonkey's Blank canvasses. 
    • Hub: for photos that are already stored in Hub, PicMonkey's cloud-based storage.
    • Templates: to start a new project from a PicMonkey template. 
    • Stock Photos: to open an image from PicMonkey's library of stock photos. 
    • Other: for photos stored in third-party applications such as:
      • Dropbox
      • OneDrive (Microsoft)
      • Flickr
      • Instagram
      • Google Photos
      • Google Drive

2. Upload to Hub from your computer (bulk upload method)

  • Open Hub from the navigation menu
  • Click the cloud & arrow icon
  • Choose photos from your computer to upload

3. Upload after creating a new folder in Hub

  • Create a new folder in your Private space, or a new space in your Shared area of Hub
  • For shared spaces, create a new folder to go inside
  • After creating the new folder, click the Upload button that appears as in the image above to import pics from your computer

4. Upload to PicMonkey from a mobile device

Follow these steps to upload photos from your phone to PicMonkey's hub. Note: this does not involve using the PicMonkey mobile app.

  • Open the web browser on your smart device (iPhone, Galaxy, iPad, etc)
  • Go to on your device
  • From the mobile homepage, select Go to my Hub
  • Click the cloud + arrow icon
  • Select the source to upload your pics
  • Your uploaded pics are now accessible in Hub from a mobile browser, the PicMonkey mobile app, and on the desktop version of PicMonkey

5. Upload photos via the PicMonkey mobile app

  • Open the PicMonkey mobile app (Get the app)
  • Tap on "My Hub" 
  • Select the private or shared folder in Hub where you'd like to upload your pics 
  • Select pics from your device's camera roll to upload

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